As a North Carolina a native and a singer/songwriter from the age of 18, Alicia B. is on a path of self discovery and transformation and you can hear the stories and sounds in her songs.  Alicia B. and The Now explores the sounds of folk, pop, blues, R and B, soul and electronic styles.   Along with her love for music she has a strong passion for the healing arts and she looks at music as just that.  She is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, reiki practitioner, and is a certified yoga instructor.  In the healing arts she hopes to encourage others to be themselves and seek wisdom and growth in this life as a spiritual being.  She has a nurturing and comfortimng energy in her presence and in her songs.  She has found her passion in life to be through healing, music, and combining the two.
Alicia B. and The now is not defined by specific members at every show, but by the spontanaity and creativity in the variation of musicians hired.  Alicia enjoys collaborating with different musicians to explore different types of sounds and feelings to which the variation in collaborating brings to her songs. 

Hear her Solo or with guest musicians.

Featured Projects

Alicia B. and The Now
features Alicias original songs and is composed of different musicians hired based on the event

Somewhat Alien
project led by DJ, Producer, Garry Bullard